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Polkadot Entertainment Chesley Polk Chelsey Pensacola Gulf Breeze Coast Florida Mobile Alabama Performer show fun
Polkadot Entertainment utilizes decades of performance experience to bring quality entertainment to your next event, an EPIC night-in, or to further advance your business.

Quality entertainment backed by passion, reliability, and attention to detail.
That's what we do. 

 Tasteful & stylish, Unique & Fresh, Celebratory & Inclusive - Full of Life.
That 's how we do it.
Polkadot Polka Dot Entertainment logo in Pensacola Florida and Gulf breeze right on the gulf of mexico specializing in bingo trivia karaoke corporate solutions mardi gras
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Our Clients Say
Monica Heart Chesley Polk Chelsey Pensacola Mardi Gras Faces Magazine FAVIES Best Fat Tuesday Drag Show Queen King Polkadot Entertainment Seville Quarter Lehua Lei Heart Noah Fukumoto Krewe Priscus SWAT Dance Dancing Performer Gulf Breeze Panhandle Gulf Coast Mobile Alabama
"I just love [Polkadot's] punch. Everyone will want a shot of that punch and won't soon forget it."

Major Community Organization

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